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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I did something today...

I did something today to get ready for the school year. I printed out worksheets. I had an idea to practice and keep multiplication facts fresh: Have one worksheet of facts a day.

Monday--0's, 1's, 2's (EASY day :)
Tuesday--5's and 10's
Wednesday--3's, 6's, 9's
Thursday--4's, 8's

As we master these we will move on to committing division facts to memory. I printed them out from

Monday, July 21, 2014

I didn't publish this:

THIS IS LAST YEAR'S FIRST DAY POST. Silly Me, I forgot to publish it. I'm a dork.

Panic? I think not... Well, maybe a little....

         So here I am, in the middle of the busiest summer I've EVER had. It's almost the end of July and Guess What! I don't have any curriculum purchased for this next year. I have a few things that we are continuing from last year, but the bulk of my stuff??? Still in the store. I haven't gotten to plan or look at the lessons.... My 'I want to control everything and have a very specific plan' part of me is freaking out. The other part of me; the 'It'll come together just take one step at a time' part of me is doing ok. (That's the part where my husband's personality rubbed off on me.)
So What I Have:
All About Spelling 3 (my daughter will continue this and I will buy 4 at some point during the year)
All About Reading 1 (my son will be continuing this and I will buy 2 when he's ready)
Math U See Alpha (my son will start this when we start)
First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind (My son will start this when we start)
Confessions of a Homeschooler's Letter of the Week and K4  (my youngest son will do this one, he's about to turn 4)
What I 'need': Here's a link to my Pinterest Board. :) Too many to list.... Now, I'm not getting everything on the board, but a lot of it. Hopefully. :)
Our school room set up will be the same as last year. I think. I've been contemplating moving our 'school room' to my mom's house. Still mulling that one over. Not sure I want to 'get out' on the mornings when it's 20 below Zero. But, then again, that doesn't happen too often. Well, that's all for now. Want to see a picture of me? I'll leave you with this:
Just having Breakfast at Tiffany's.