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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our School Room

We are so blessed to live near my mom. She has let us use one room in her house for our school room. We are in our 3rd week and so far, loving it. I'd say the only down side is keeping my 3 year old busy while I have to work with the others.  I don't have the resources (toys) I do at home, but so far we've managed.
Here are some pics:
The first grader's space is shared with me on my desk. With the PreK boy behind me.

Shelves with my teachers books, manipulatives, and some PreK games.

PreK chalkboard desk.

5th grader's area--extra paper is stored on her shelf too.

Our calendar area. A HUGE white board we made out of shower wall stuff from Home Depot. My mom bought us this awesome rug.

 A closer view of our Calendar Board.

The whole room.

Cool Rug.
One awesome thing about this room is that we haven't had to turn the lights on yet--even on a rainy day. Those skylights provide SOOO much natural light. It's great. We are blessed to have this space.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Our First Day

We rode our bike to school on the first day.... and nearly every day since. A fun adventure for the kids. School is just 1/2 mile away.
Daughter is holding my bike up--it doesn't balance with the trailer.

ready to go...

Hard to take a picture while riding a bike.

Sweet boy in a trailer.

Nana left a note on the door "Welcome to your first day of school 2014-2015.

Emergent Readers

I found these on Pinterest

Check out all her learning ideas too in each post for the books. Wonderful!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Back To School Pics

Confession time: I got the idea for this photo shoot from Pinterest...
My Sweetie Pie!
That face--he's awesome!

Ready for 5th--I'm so not ready for her to be this grown up!

I make GORGEOUS children!

SASSY girl!

Sweet Happy Boy

I'm in love with this sweet face.

All 3--and the dog.

And it wouldn't be complete without Teacher Pics--Thanks to my awesome daughter for snapping these for me!

Just me

My 'teacher' face

No, she doesn't really wear glasses, just for effect.