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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How its Going

Homeschooling is FUN! We love it. Not every day is perfect. Not every day is easy. But every day is blessed. I am so grateful to God for this opportunity. I've figured out some things that work and some things that don't. I'm planning next year's curriculum choices and I am definitely making some changes. I'm not buying a one size fits every subject. We are pulling things from several different sources. I'm sticking with Math U See. The rest I'm changing. We are more than likely using Story of the World for history next year. For science we are going to use Apologia. BJU for English. And for Kindergarten for my little boy--still trying to figure that one out. These aren't set in stone. I haven't bought anything yet because I'm going to a ginormous curriculum fair in June. I want to explore all my options. I can look at stuff online all day, but I do much better if I can look at it in person. I get a better feel for things.
We've changed the homeschool space several times. Right now its 'okay', but not my favorite arrangement thus far. My daughter doesn't use her desk all the time. She prefers the couch for certain things. (Not everything) I am excited to one day have a specific room for homeschooling. Eventually we are going to buy land and build our own house. We have it all drawn up and ready to go. Our homeschool room right now is in our Living Room/Dining Room/ Kitchen. It's all one big room, which is kinda nice in a way, but I'd rather have a seperate space for school.
That's all the updates for now.

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