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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Homeschool "Room" 2013-2014

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So we don't actually have a homeschool room. We have one big room that serves as: kitchen, dining room, living room, entryway, and homeschool room. It's not the 'ideal' setup, but we make it work. Instead of schooling at the dining room table this year, my awesome husband built this school desk. Those upper shelves used to stand vertically, stacked on one another and were stained green. I painted them teal, cause it's my new favorite color; and he hung them on the wall for me.

The big tall cabinet is our homeschool supply storage. The top cabinet has stuff like markers, glue, craft supplies, and paper. The bottom cabinet is... a mess. It has extra craft supplies, unused notebooks and binders, and preschool supplies.

 The little desk is for my preschooler. The printer is on a box to the left that has some of his 'curriculum' inside. To the right of his desk is some more of his stuff. I'm planning on organizing all his stuff, at some point in the future, hopefully before he goes to college. :) Also to the right of the big cabinet, slid into the hole, is our whiteboard that we use for All About Spelling and All About Reading.
I'm only going to show you the top of the big cabinet cause it has labels and is pretty (sort-of) (Ok, it actually still needs some work and a few more labels)

And in this corner.....
 we have our 'workboxes' and a big 31 bag that holds all our library books. It just sits on the floor because I have no other place to put it.
 A big view of our room, complete with kids watching Cars. Homeschool area to the right and in the far corner. In the left back corner is where our workboxes are. To the right is the rest of the kitchen area. Also, down the hallway to the left..... is our calendar board. :)

I got stuff for this board from Confessions of a Homeschooler and Mama Jenn and We Choose Virtues. I also made a couple the date on the top and the color and shape of the days, and the daily scripture confession above the 'make the date'. So there's our 'school room'.

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