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Friday, July 22, 2011

The School 'Room'

This is the school room/myoffice/livingroom. The pink desk is for my 2nd grader. The little one in front of the window is for my preschooler. The baby doesn't get a desk yet.

This cabinet houses all our supplies, workbooks, teacher guides, etc. The green cabinet on the right holds library books, the diaper bag, motorcycle/fourwheeler helmets... It's a mutifunctional room, but I'm so thankful we have the space that we do.
My girl decorated her desk with dolls, piggy banks, and a notepad. I'm not sure that this stuff will stay once we start, but she is so good at making a space her own, I didn't want to squelch that at all. The finger paintings on the wall are some 'homemade artwork' I thought that would look better than anything I could think to put up there, plus it makes me smile when I look at it, and think about their cute paint covered hands, feet, legs, faces....

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