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Monday, August 22, 2011

EKWP Academy

In our state we can form and 'independent school' with at least one other family in order to legally homeschool. My sister and sister-in-law are both homeschooling, so there it is: EKWP Academy. We had a back to school kick off party on Saturday.
There was an obstacle course, designed by my awesome husband; and a put some freckles on your partner game, and a blindolded play-dough game. Lots of fun. The kids had a blast. I think the favorite thing was the obstacle course. It went around the house, involved a swing, a slide, a trampoline, a laser field (the sprinklers), and a see-saw amoung other things. Perfect way to end summer, cause guess what we started school TODAY! It went well. We started at 8 and got done at 11:20. I loved it!
We hit one rough patch when my 2nd grader started working REALLY slow. I realized it was because she alredy knew the stuff on that page, so I quizzed her on it (verbally), we skipped that page and moved on. Then her mood perked up. Another wonderful benefit of homeschooling: She doesn't have to wait for everyone else in the class to learn it or if she needs more time on something then we can take more time.
The Preschooler: This was a different story. We are starting the Letter of the Week curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler (no, I'm not getting paid to mention her, I just really like her stuff) To get him to sit down and work is a challenge, but I think at this point, casually learning letters and fine motor skills is fine. He's only 3 1/2, after all. :) Not worried.
The Baby:
He took a LONG morning nap today as a 'First Day of School' Present to me. By long, I mean over an hour. Lately his morning naps have been only 20 to 30 minutes. YEAH!!!!
After school, the kids did their chorse, cleaned their rooms--well one of them did; the other room was already clean. Now I'm enjoying a rainstorm while the kids are chilaxing in front of the TV. (no, they don't watch it all day, so stop freaking out) I'm kinda in the mood for some cookies now, but if I bake them, then I'll eat them, and that will negate the exercising I'm planning on doing this afternoon. :)

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