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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The First Week

The first week has come and gone...I think it's going well. I can tell when she gets bored and I am trying to think of different projects to do to go along with our regular studies. I think when we get into the rhythm of things I will add in some French and Music. I don't personally know French, but I hope to learn right along with her. Speaking of not being in a rhythm--yesterday we got done at 3 in the afternoon. (We had an hour long lunch break) Today, we got done at 10:30am. We had a friend coming over so I guess that was motivation for working faster. Works for me! :) Some subjects we are breezing through--others, like Math, we need to spend more time on. She is super smart with Math, but she wasn't taught to memorize her basic + and - facts in first grade. We are working on that and slowly going through the workbook. Her reading has improved SO MUCH! I'm so excited about that. Last year in First grade, public school, it seemed like she barely progressed with reading. We are still working on balancing loud younger brothers with school, but it will get better. Repeat: It will get better. Tell yourself again: It will get better. In the meantime, I am LOVING the extra time with my girl! I missed her a lot last year.
On a more crafty note:
I did these on my computer, does that count as crafts? The other side has the party info. Sorry about the weird coloring...I should have edited before I uploaded!

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